Living Reviews: Journal History


  • Living Reviews journals move to major academic publisher: Springer has acquired the three pioneering 'living' open access journals Living Reviews in Relativity, Living Reviews in Solar Physics, and the recently launched Living Reviews in Computational Astrophysics from the Max Planck Society (announcement)


  • Living Reviews joins the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) (announcement)




  • July: Mukund Rangamani joins the LRR Editorial Board
  • June 17: Living Reviews in Relativity receives its first journal impact factor in the 2009 Journal Citations Reports by Thomson Reuters (announcement)



  • Living Reviews Anniversary Lectures: read more here
  • January 26: 10th anniversary ... and we're going on! (press release)
  • List of top cited reviews and top cited references for Living Reviews in Relativity online
  • March 13: first Living Reviews 'family' meeting in Berlin


  • January: Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management in the Max Planck Society as host of the Living Reviews Publishing Platform merged into the newly founded Max Planck Digital Library
  • February: four LRR articles included in "Top Cited Articles of All Time" list by SPIRES (gr-qc archive)
  • June 25: Living Reviews in Landscape Research publishes its first three articles (press release)
  • July: presentation of the Living Reviews project at the PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2007 in Vancouver, Canada
  • 500 subscribers to lr_sub newsletter
  • more than 2,550 citations to LRR articles in peer-reviewed journals (analysis in ISI Science Citation Index)




  • Don Marolf and Jorge Pullin join the LRR Editorial Board
  • journal promotion at GR 17 in Dublin, Ireland
  • July 29: launch of first sister journal Living Reviews in Solar Physics, with first two articles
  • LRR: more than 50 reviews online!


  • 5 years online! (press release)
  • more than 450 citations to LRR articles in peer-reviewed journals (analysis in ISI Science Citation Index)
  • Living Reviews shortlisted for ALPSP Award for Publishing Innovation
  • pubBuilder component of Living Reviews ePublishing Toolkit (ePubTk) in production
  • October 20: "The future role of prestigious print journals: a physicist's point of view", presentation by Bernard Schutz at Open Access Berlin 2003
  • March 14: founding editorial board meeting (Christensen-Dalsgaard, Solanki, Marsch, Schüssler, Schwenn) of new journal in Solar Physics


  • Living Reviews (Schutz, Velden, Weyher) sign the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)
  • Frank Schulz joins the team as editorial assistant
  • Elaine Tietjen helps with copy editing and proof reading
  • Romeo Anghelache starts as research programmer for MoWGLI project
  • begin of Living Reviews BackOffice collaboration with the Heinz Nixdorf Center for Information Management within the Max Planck Society (ZIM) to provide infrastructure for further journals
  • October: LRR has been granted recognised journal status by the European Physical Society (EPS)


  • Robert Beig and Joachim Wambsganss join the editorial board, Gary Horowitz resigns from the editorial board
  • January-July: Rachel Clements (student assistant) supports the team
  • article by Markus Pössel presents concept of "Living Reviews", Spektrum der Wissenschaft, März 2001
  • journal promotion at GR 16, Durban, South Africa
  • Living Reviews joins the EU MoWGLI project proposal


  • Gary Horowitz and Jürgen Renn join the editorial board
  • January: Vera Osswald (editorial assistant) and Ian Kelley (programmer) join the team
  • journal promotion at various physics conferences, i.a., KipFest, MG 9, LISA 3, Texas Symposium
  • July: the 16 published reviews have been cited more than 100 times in peer reviewed articles
  • September: LRR serves an average of 25,000 page requests per month


  • LRR Editorial Board: Bernd Brügmann, Chris Isham, Bala Iyer, Renate Loll, Bernd Schmidt, Bernard Schutz, Ed Seidel, Clifford Will
  • Andreas Wilde, diploma student at the FH Brandenburg, develops LR's first editorial database
  • Harald Dimmelmeier joins as an editorial assistant
  • May: lr_sub mailing list has already 200 subscribers


  • January 26: Living Reviews in Relativity published its first four reviews (press release)
  • April: presentation at the Socioeconomic Dimensions of Electronic Publishing Workshop in Santa Barbara, USA
  • Gabrielle Allen leads the technical advisory team of Living Reviews (1998-2000)
  • Jennifer Wheary is succeeded by new managing editor Theresa Velden
  • December: a paper by Wheary/Wild/Schutz/Weyher explores how the journal has evolved: "Thinking and Developing Electronically", Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP), 1998, 4(2)
  • volume 1 contains 13 review articles


  • more than 20 invited authors agreed to write and maintain a 'living' review
  • September: a paper by Wheary/Schutz introduces the journal's concept: "Making an Electronic Journal Live", Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP), 1997, 3(1)
  • Christina Weyher joins as editorial assistant


  • August 12: 1st meeting on purpose/potential of journal
  • October: a sample article by Bernard Schutz is presented
  • November 28: 1st Editorial Board Meeting (Brügmann, Schmidt, Schutz, Seidel, Wheary)


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